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Community Events and Meetups

Join in with community-organised events!

Staying connected

Umbraco community events are a great way of building and maintaining relationships within the community and between the community and Umbraco HQ.

There is a certain number of established festivals and meetups that are well-known within the Umbraco community, which are the result of the hard work of very passionate and dedicated organizers ūüôĆ

Umbraco Meetups

Meetups provide a forum to share knowledge and experiences around using Umbraco. A meetup typically takes place on a given day after business hours. It may be hosted by an agency in their offices, or simply in the local pub.

They're a great way to stay connected with the local community and share your knowledge and make new friends. You can generally expect to:

  • Learn from peers and speakers, experienced Umbracians as well as beginners¬†
  • Exchange information and best practices
  • Network and connect with other Umbracians
  • Do a talk or showcase a new solution/project¬†
  • Get feedback on your (first) talk or solution/project

We're currently working on a new way to display upcoming meetups, but in the meantime check out upcoming meetups on


There's tons of support and resources available for meetup organisers - check it out! 

Interested in starting a new meetup in your local area? Great, we're here to help out! Here's how we can help you.

Umbraco Festivals

Umbraco Festivals are 1-day events for all things Umbraco, organized by the community in different locations around the world, around the year.   

Ready to join the festivities? Check out the Umbraco Festivals calendar.

There is a number of established festivals that are well-known within the Umbraco community, but we always encourage new Umbraco festivals in new locations. If you're interested in starting your own Umbraco Festival - awesome! Here's some information on how we can help you get started.