Umbraco Swag Package

Get your hands on some Umbraco swag for your meetup or festival!

Umbraco Swag Package

Umbraco Swag.

You've seen it on laptops, you have seen it on people - the popular Umbraco stickers and t-shirts.

If you are arranging an Umbraco Meetup or an Umbraco Festival and would like to lure and treat your attendees with some nice Umbraco swag, we are happy to help! Maybe as giveaways to an Umbraco themed quiz? Up to you.

Let us know how many t-shirts you’ll need and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Please bear in mind that we have limited stock - what we have are left-overs from our own conference, Codegarden. Left-overs which date back a few years now - we call it vintage Umbraco t-shirts ;)

This means that if you ask for a certain amount of t-shirts we’ll send you a mix of different designs and sizes. Same goes with our stickers.

In order for the swag to reach you in time, we advise you to send your request to us 4 weeks before the event.

Payment? No cost! Share a picture on social media of your meetup or festival and tag @Umbraco.

Maybe all of you in your new Umbraco t-shirts? We’d love to see it!

Please contact for all your swag-needs and questions :)