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The Backoffice Community Team

Combining our knowledge and expertise to make the next version of the backoffice a success

The Backoffice Community team is changing! 

Check back later to meet the new team.

Focus areas

  • Defining the new Backoffice extension API
  • Gathering/combining knowledge from the community and beyond
  • Providing feedback, insights from past experience and inspiration for the future

Main Activities 

  • Building, evaluating and testing prototypes
  • Helping with examples and use cases that can help improve the new API.
  • Reviewing the RFC before it is released. 

The team will, during Part 2: Defining the Extension API, function as a sounding/advisory board (about six months).

When entering Part 3: Rebuild Backoffice, the team will change focus into code contributions/review.



  • Maintain the flexibility and extensibility of the new backoffice
  • Ensure a user-friendly backoffice in line with modern best practices
  • Launch an RFC describing the new extension API.
  • Map out the current extension API and review prototypes and plans for a new API.

Meet the team

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Jacob Overgaard

Meet Jacob

  • Managing the team communication
  • Providing the necessary support to the team members
  • Coordinating with the rest of the HQ dev team and stewards of the other community teams.


To be announced....

H5YR to the previous Backoffice Community Team members 🙌

Sian Simms

Get involved

How you can contribute

The backoffice extension API project is just getting started, and we are still looking for inputs where the current API is not sufficient. We have opened a discussion board where you can share your ideas or examples where you had to hack around the current API to make the extension/user experience you wanted. All ideas and examples on the discussion board will be part of the conversation about what the new extension API should look like.

Get in touch or join the team

You can get in touch with us by writing to

Please note that all Community Team members must abide by the Community Teams Agreement.