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Contribute as an Agency

Support your developers, and do some good for the community

Why contribute as an agency?

Be involved

Contributing to the community means being a part of something bigger, and that's the Umbraco ecosystem. In being actively involved in the community, you're in the know on a whole other level, plus you're contributing to the future of Umbraco. 


Give your developers a space to thrive

Though it's not just developers that make up our community, there is an abundance of developers from all backgrounds and skillsets. 

The 'open-source attitude' of our community means continuous knowledge sharing among like-minded peers. That means happier, more skilled developers!

Solve issues through contribution and collaboration

Let others' ideas inspire you, and build on them to create an even better solution for everyone. Offer help, and you'll have it returned in some way. In the Umbraco community, what benefits one will likely benefit many.

Make a name for yourself

By contributing to the CMS, and being involved in the community, you're showing others in the Umbraco ecosystem how dedicated, knowledgeable and approachable you are as an agency. 


Different ways that you and your team can contribute


Discuss solutions and share best practices. You never know when the favour could be repaid!

  • Write an article

Share your insights through the community-run Skrift Magazine and 24 Days in Umbraco

There's teams for packages to accessibility, with more on the way.

New positions and internships normally pop up in the Autumn and Spring, but why not get in touch to see how you can help?

  • Update the issue tracker and submit pull requests

The way most start out, and the glue that holds open source together. If you're not sure where to start, get in touch with the PR (pull request) Community Team.

  • Codegarden

Join in with the festivities! 

It's too late to submit a talk for CG21, but there's always ways to get involved.

Be social

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Connect with the Umbraco Twitter community

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Say hello on the Community Slack channel

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Join the community-run Facebook group

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Get your game on with fellow Umbracians on Discord (reach out to Emma or Warren for an invite)

Looking for inspiration? 

Why not take a look at contribution stories from some of our Contributing Partners?

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What's a Contributing Partner, you ask? 

Contributing Partner is a title earned by a select few of our Gold Partners who are consistently dedicated to the community.

Read more about our Contributing Partners