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Are you a Cloud Connoisseur? Join the new Umbraco Cloud Community Team

Ready to elevate your Umbraco Cloud game? Join our brand new Umbraco Cloud Team. Where diverse perspectives unite to shape the future of Umbraco Cloud. Apply before April 17th to be part of the dynamic discussions, virtual meet-ups, and influence the Umbraco Cloud roadmap.

Hello fellow Umbraco Cloud enthusiasts! If you are working with Umbraco Cloud as a developer, project manager, business owner, self employed consultant or in any other way are involved with Umbraco Cloud. Then we are eager to share the engine room with you.

Not only do we want to show the engine room, but we would love to provide you with the possibility to influence Umbraco Cloud, what to improve, what to build, how to increase the value you or your company gets from using Umbraco Cloud.

Because we want more user input reflected in our daily work, sprint plannings & tasks, we have decided to create a Umbraco Cloud Community Team, and you are invited to join!

Why are we starting an Umbraco Cloud Community Team?

Over the past couple of years, we have increased our efforts towards improving our ways of getting user feedback and input into our product.

We believe we have improved immensely, but we are not satisfied with the processes surrounding getting the feedback.

We are therefore striving to improve and set up a steady feedback loop for our users that use and are happy with Umbraco Cloud.

It is in the Umbraco culture to facilitate and empower our business through use of our community, which we have done successfully with our community teams & sounding boards, and now is the time to expand the community reach further into Umbraco Cloud.

How will the team impact Umbraco Cloud?

In the Cloud Group, we are eager to get more input that can assist us with prioritizing what we should work on in which order and how it should actually work.

The new team will have a direct impact on these questions. If you join the team, you will therefore have a direct impact on the roadmap and which features or treats we should work on next.

The team will also be introduced to the possibility of alpha testing new features and UI before shown to the rest of the users and therefore provide highly valued feedback to the Umbraco Cloud teams on how the feature looks, feels and works.

To sum up: You get to be part of the decision making in regards to what is next for Umbraco Cloud

What will the team do?

The team will meet up 4 times a year virtually. Here we will have an open, fun and serious discussion on Umbraco Cloud.

The program and format of these meetings will vary from time to time, but focus around current initiatives within the Cloud Teams, open discussions on current and upcoming features. 

Who can join the team?

If you are somehow engaged in Umbraco Cloud, you can join the team! 

It does not matter if you have worked on 1 or 100 Cloud projects, if you are a developer, Q&S, project manager or something fourth. 

Ready to join? Here is how you can!

The application closes on April 17th, 2024. We would love to present 5-8 members with a diverse range of experiences to the Umbraco Cloud Community Team around Codegarden 2024. Could you be one of them

Submit your application here

If you have any questions, thoughts, ideas about this new community team, please do not hesitate to reach out to Kristian at

Kristian Egebæk-Carlsen

Written by: Kristian Egebæk-Carlsen
Published: March 20, 2024