The Community Happiness Team

Meet the people behind the scenes, forming the bridge between the community and HQ

Meet the Community Happiness Team, brought together to do just what the name suggests. All these friendly faces are working directly with different community initiatives; from community teams to driving new projects, supporting meetups and festivals all down to content right on this very site. 

Come and meet everyone!

Emma Burstow

Emma Burstow

Director of Developer Relations

Engaging with Umbracians around the world and growing the Community

Reach me on:
Twitter: @EmaBurst


Warren Buckley

Core Developer and Developer Advocate (UK)

Representing and engaging the community, bringing new ideas to the table (part-time role)

Reach me on:
Twitter: @warrenbuckley


Sebastiaan Janssen

Head of PR (Pull Requests) and Developer Advocate

Issue tracker hero and Steward of The Core Collaborators (part-time role)

Reach me on:
Twitter: @cultiv

Allen Smith Profile Photo(2)

Allen Smith

Developer Advocate (US)

Developer Relations greatness in and around the pizza slice. Dad and tinkerer.

Reach me on:
Twitter: @loranallensmith


Shanice Dougan

Content and Communications

Supporting the DevRel team with content and comms needs, getting the word to those who need it. 

Reach me on:
Twitter: @Shanice_Doug

Sara Team Picture 667X667

Sara Riege Trads

Junior Activities Master

Community festivals

Read me on: 

Arnold Team Page 500X500

Arnold Visser 

Partner Manager and Umbraco Advocate

Supporting Umbraco festival organisers (part-time role)

Reach me on:
Twitter: @aim24

Trine New

Trine Nissen

Brilliant Activities Master

Community events

Reach me on:

Jacob Headshot Umbraco 500X500

Jacob Overgaard

Frontend Team Lead

Steward of The Backoffice Community Team

Ronald Barendse

Ronald Barendse

Core and Commercial Packages Developer

Steward of The Packages Team (part-time role)

Reach me on:

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