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Get involved in the Umbraco Community!

The Umbraco Ecosystem

The Umbraco Ecosystem is built on people like you. 

Looking for ways to get involved? Here are some ways to get started, and connect with fellow community members!

Community Teams 2019

Get involved in a Community Team! 

Members of the Umbraco Community working hand-in-hand with Umbraco HQ - now that's collaboration!

We currently have 5 Community Teams that do some amazing work - they are: The Documentation Curators, The Core Collaborators, The Package Team, The Unicore Team and The Accessibility Team.

Like the idea of working together?

Read more about the Community Teams

Attend (or even host) a community event

Have you found some community members in your area and would like to throw some ideas around? 

Or do you like the sound of a bigger scale event filled with talks, activities and goodies?

Everything from local meetups to festivals are going on all the time - and online meetups mean you can join from the safety of your own home.

You can even start your own, with loads of support from Umbraco HQ!

Check out Umbraco MeetupsCheck out Umbraco Festivals

Umbraco Dk Meetup
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Get your hands dirty

We're immensely grateful for the contributions to the open-source Umbraco CMS, which helps us keep things running smoothly, and up to date. 

Know your stuff, and want to help out? You can:

🦄 Help out your fellow devs on the forum

🦄 Make a pull-request to the CMS

🦄 Explore the packages or even contribute your own

🦄 Roam the documentation and let us know if something isn't right

Get connected

What's your channel of choice?

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Mingle with fellow Umbracians on the Umbraco Community Discord


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Connect with the Umbraco Twitter community


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Get your git on with the Community on Github