Contribution Stories

If you've ever wondered how much time and effort go into contributing to the Umbraco project, these stories might help you uncover the mystery.

Emma Mvpcg18 1

Emma Garland

“There is the self-learning element of open source contributions. I am in my happy place when learning something new.”

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Mvp19 Kennj 1

Kenn Jacobsen

“Some do crossword puzzles, I do pull requests. Working with contributions is a way for me to relax and take my mind off other things.”

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Lotte Cg18

Lotte Pitcher

“Contributing means I get to meet, work and spend time with talented and inspiring people from all over the world.”

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Marcin 1Mvpcg18

Marcin Zajkowski

“The community became a place where I opened myself for interactions and where I felt listened and heard.”

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Rachel Breeze Mvp 1

Rachel Breeze

“One of the motivations for helping with accessibility is to enable everyone to work with Umbraco.”

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Marc Goodson

Marc Goodson

“I’ve found helping people who are stuck become unstuck… is the best feeling ever.”

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"An Open Source project really runs on the volunteer contributions of the community and we feel it’s important to give back and share."

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