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MVP Agreement

Guidelines with the Umbraco values in the center



Background and Purpose

The Umbraco MVP award is a testament to the efforts and dedication of the Community contributors who embody the values of Umbraco and promote sharing knowledge and giving back.

MVP stands for 'Most Valuable People' and an Umbraco MVP is a person who is not a part of the Umbraco HQ team, but in some other way adds extraordinary value to the project and the Community.

The Umbraco MVP Award Agreement establishes and defines the terms and conditions for participating in the MVP program.


Selection and Eligibility 

The Program runs on a nomination-basis process, either by self-nomination or by submissions from Community members and Umbraco HQ. 

Participation in the Program is completely voluntary and does not create any expectation of compensation. 

The nominations cover activities that translate into being friendly in the forum, making incredible and highly useful packages, submitting pull-requests, leading Community events, starting a new initiative that helps the existing Community members as well as the newcomers.

The selection of New and Renewed MVPs is based on the activity of the nominee during the 12 months leading up to the Codegarden conference.

The selection favours quality over quantity. The Umbraco contribution Code Of Conduct and values are at the center of the selection process and continue to govern the program. Any failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct may result in removal from the program or non-renewal.


Validity and Renewal

The MVP award is valid for one year with the possibility for renewal each year, depending on the activity of the MVP in the 12 months leading up to the Codegarden conference.

The renewal of the MVP title follows a similar selection process and requires that the current MVPs submit information on their contributions. 

Each time a renewal is confirmed, the renewed MVPs will be asked to accept the most current version of this agreement. 


Program Benefits

The Umbraco MVPs get access to a list of benefits provided by Umbraco HQ. The benefits are personal and cannot be transferred, shared, or assigned to another person. The MVPs are informed directly by HQ, on how to use and access the benefits.

Dedicated badges - Access to a digital MVP badge to use in email signatures and websites. Additionally, a badge is linked to the MVP profile on the Community’s website Our.

Free access to Codegarden for New MVPs - Free ticket to Codegarden the same year the MVP title is awarded for the first time. 

Access to HQ working facilities - Umbraco HQ can open its doors for the MVPs to use its facilities to work and connect with the teams. 

Support of advocacy initiatives - Aid for payment of travel expenses to do a talk or workshop covering Umbraco at a conference or meetup. The approval of the expenses depends on the topic covered, location and size of the event, as well as the budget allocated by Umbraco HQ. 

Free Cloud Project - Access to a free Cloud project to be used solely to support the MVP’s participation in the Program.

  1. Free Cloud projects offered as part of the Program fall under the Starter offering and can only be used for personal or Community-related projects. 
  2. Cloud projects linked to Non-Renewed MVP titles will be deleted or paid going forward. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis depending on the impact of the project and the benefits presented to the Umbraco Community and the Umbraco project. 
  3. The usage of Cloud services are subject to separate terms: Terms and Conditions for Umbraco Cloud and Umbraco Heartcore

MVP Academy - The MVPs have access to:

  • One free course of their choice, from the list of the available Umbraco training courses. The access to a free course is renewed each time the MVP title is renewed.
  • The possibility to nominate a colleague or a Community member to benefit from a free course. The nominations are submitted directly by the MVPs following the instructions shared by HQ. Umbraco HQ reserves the right to confirm or reject the nominations. The goal is to enable the MVPs to use their access to the MVP program for the benefit of others in the Community whom they hope to mentor and inspire.

A dedicated Slack channel - The MVPs are invited to join a channel on HQ's Slack workspace to:

  • Connect with each other
  • Connect on shared interests
  • Connect with HQ and have early access to news and information
  • Submit feedback to HQ

MVP Connect - A quarterly virtual event for all MVPs to hear directly from Umbraco HQ. 



Umbraco HQ offers the MVPs a dedicated point of contact through the address For all questions and matters related to this program, the MVPs can reach out directly via this email address. 



The MVP program, benefits, and any information shared by Umbraco HQ are the confidential information of Umbraco HQ unless expressly stated otherwise.


Privacy and Protection of Personal Information

Umbraco HQ collects information in order to administer the Program:

  • Full name
  • Company name / Employer 
  • Country of residence
  • Work/Home Address (for swag or other deliveries)
  • Phone number (for swag or other deliveries)
  • Email address to send MVP related communication 
  • Confirmation (or not) to take part in the first-round review of future MVPs
  • Confirmation (or not) to use the Free Cloud Project
  • Information on the usage of the Free Cloud Project (Alias, purpose)  
  • Link to the profile page on Our in order to add the MVP badge information and link to the MVP Official Listing 

Umbraco HQ uses and protects the information shared by the MVPs according to our privacy guidelines.

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