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Umbraco Champions Are Go!

Empowering you to grow the community

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Some time ago, we realised that we were spending a lot of time talking to community members who had fabulous ideas for growing the community. Only one thing was missing.

That thing was a program to support those who have the time, energy and willingness to get their Umbraco community projects off the ground. Since the beginning of the community, one thing that has guaranteed community growth has been ensuring that the people in the community are in a position to invite others in. We can talk all day long about what makes this community so special but actually, that story is better coming from you.

What is it that folks really want to do that we can support?

We announced the Champions Program at Codegarden '23 and we were so happy to spend the days after that speaking with people who had a plethora of fantastic ideas they'd like to put into action. With so many people in our wonderful Community, the possibilities are almost endless.

We know that Umbracians are heading to technical events to speak about all sorts of things and sometimes the learning they want to share is something they have learned during their work with Umbraco.

So, how can we help?

Here's a few examples

Money - We can offer financial support to those wishing to travel to events, as you advocate for Umbraco. So go ahead and apply for support, it could be the start of something wonderful.

Materials - We can offer support creating resources. Perhaps you want to speak at an event but need help with your talk and slides. Let us help you say what you wish to say.

Connection - Do you want to take yourself somewhere but don't know where to begin? We can recommend a conference, a meetup or a publication that would be happy to hear from you.

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Send in your ideas!

Of course, our list of ideas is by no means exhaustive. We LOVE your work! We know you work hard to hold the door open for others and we really want to support that work in any way that you need.

As ever, the best ideas come from you so please, let us know what you would do if you had the chance to go out and bring others in to help grow our community and we will do what we can to support.

And if you don't have a fully formed idea yet, submit anyway and we will work with you to get it into a shape that you're happy with.

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  Written by: Emma Burstow
  Published: July 3rd, 2023