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Passionate about the future of Umbraco CMS? Join the CMS advisory board

We are looking for people to join our CMS Advisory Board. Since May 2022 we’ve had an awesome collaboration with this group of people to help us better understand the real pain and gains of the CMS to further improve Umbraco. We are now opening up to renew the team. Sounds interesting? - Then read on to find out how you can get involved.


In the DNA of Umbraco is a close relationship with the community. Umbraco is Open Source and benefits from input, contributions, and general help from developers, technical writers, QAs, marketers, partners, and a lot of other friendly people from the community.

On a daily basis, we learn and grow through comments and discussions with users, partners, MVPs, and other friends of Umbraco - whether it’s on Discord, Slack, Local Meetups, “Retreats”, Codegarden, other events, or old-fashioned onsite visits.

We believe we have the friendliest Open Source community on the planet - and we highly value this community because we know how much we can learn from listening to it. With this team, we want to learn even more about how we can improve the Umbraco CMS experience.

The last two years

Over the last two years, we’ve discussed a huge amount of topics, spanning from very early discussions around the deprecation of macros (and what was missing to support all its use cases) to discussions around the process for security incidents.

We’ve also had regular Roadmap updates and in general, talked a lot about how to improve Umbraco through existing and new functionalities.

Why new members for this advisory board?

This current board has proven truly valuable to us at HQ, but also recognized by the members as an interesting group to be part of. In fact, all members would like to continue! However, to ensure transparency, and avoid closed forums, we believe it’s time to open up for new members.

What does the advisory board contribute?

We would like to know about your pains and gains, but also like to hear your input on ideas, roadmap items, features/implementations, and the overall CMS Strategy in general. The team works as an advisory board which means that, unlike Umbraco community teams, the focus is not on you contributing via code or technical solutions but rather through your knowledge and insights as an Umbraco stakeholder.

How often will the board meet?

We meet regularly 4 times a year and run it fully virtual considering the different time zones of the participants. In contrast to regular community teams, we don’t expect you to produce anything - only that we can rely on you showing up for the 4 meetings every year and that you’ll bring your opinions and knowledge to the table.

The meetings are facilitated by the Head of CMS, Bjarke Berg and CMS Product Owner, Lasse Fredslund.

Who can join the CMS advisory board?

As opinions diverge between organizations, countries, and professions we would like to see a broad mix of people on this board to ensure we cover as many aspects as possible. So, if you represent an agency, a customer, a technology partner, a content editor, or a group of developers - maybe as an MVP - we’ll encourage you to let us know your interest through the application form below.

The application closes on June 30, 2024 (at 23:59:59 CEST). Shortly thereafter, we hope to be able to welcome 8-10 diverse members of the CMS advisory board - maybe you?

Submit your application here

If you have any questions, thoughts, ideas about this new community team, please do not hesitate to reach out to Lasse at

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Written by: Lasse Fredslund
Published: June 6, 2024