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24 Days In Umbraco

Celebrating everything Umbraco in December

December brings presents...

Every year since 2012, the first 24 days of December has brought a new article about something related to Umbraco for everyone to read on their way to (or from) work, or maybe on their lunch break. 

But of course, the content is not only available in December — it's actually being found quite often when people search for solutions to a problem they might have while implementing an Umbraco site.

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The first attempt at a logo for 24 Days - the orange Umbraco logo (hand drawn version) with a large '24' written on top

The original 'logo' with '24' superimposed on the older orange Umbraco logo

Content galore

(Data from December 2022)

Who's behind it all?

Janskovgaard December.Jpg

Jan Skovgaard - @therealbatjan

Chriztian Uprofile

Chriztian Steinmeier - @greystate

Dave Profile.Jpg

Dave Woestenborghs - @dawoe21

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