Package Team 2019 3

The Umbraco Community Teams

Bringing Umbraco HQ and the Community closer together

The bridge between the community and HQ

The community teams are an example of the collaboration between Umbraco HQ and the community, and allow a wonderful exchange of insight, feedback and ideas. 

Joining a community team is a great way to get involved with fellow community members, connect with HQ, and contribute to the CMS! 

All Community Teams members must abide by the Community Teams Agreement.

The Community Teams

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The Core Collaborators

Pr Team1

The Core Collaborators encourage and manage the community's pull-requests to the CMS. The team is passionate about assisting and supporting contributors.

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The Package Team

Package Team 2019 3

The Package Team is an initiative that aims to empower Umbraco package developers and to encourage more community members to create and use packages.

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The Accessibility Team

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A 100% community-driven initiative, the Accessibility Team works towards making Umbraco accessible for everyone. Be it through raising awareness, identifying issues, or encouraging accessible PRs.

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Our Heart

The Diversity and Inclusion Community Group

Our Heart

The Diversity and Inclusion team focuses on discussing and working towards a more diverse and inclusive environment within the Umbraco Community, and Umbraco HQ itself. 

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Sounding board teams

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The CMS Team

Community Resizeedd

A sounding board and forum for the Umbraco CMS team, with discussions on features, ideas, strategy, and more.

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The Heartcore Team

- more info to come - 

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The Backoffice Team

Open Source Building Blocks

A sounding board and pool of knowledge and ideas to make the new backoffice as friendly and flexible as possible. The team are along for the ride from A to RFC. 

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Retired teams

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The Documentation Curators

Docs Team1

The Documentation Curators focused on a process that revolves around enabling and helping contributors to the documentation.

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Unicore Team (1)

The Unicore Team

Unicore Team1

The Unicore Team worked together to help bridge Umbraco onto ASP.NET Core, aka the Unicore project. As Umbraco released fully .NET Core Umbraco 9 in September 2021, the Unicore team was no longer needed and therefore retired.