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Umbraco Meetups

Bringing the Community together

What's an Umbraco Meetup?

Meetups provide a forum for those working with the Umbraco CMS to share knowledge and experiences.

A meetup typically takes place on a given day after business hours, and may be hosted by either an agency or a dedicated group of community members. During the pandemic, meetups are typically virtual, but normally you can expect a meetup to take place anywhere from agency offices to a local cafe or pub. 

They're a great way to stay connected with the local community and share your knowledge and make new friends. 


🦄   Learn from peers and speakers, experienced Umbracians as well as beginners 

🦄   Exchange information and best practices

🦄   Network and connect with other Umbracians

🦄   Do a talk or showcase a new solution/project 

🦄   Get feedback on your (first) talk or solution/project

Join a meetup

See who's active around your area, and start connecting!

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📣 Resources for meetup organisers

Hosting Umbraco Meetups keeps the Community connected, so we want to make it as easy as possible to get started and keep the momentum going.

Check out the resources and support available to new and current meetup organizers