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Resources for Meetup Organizers

We can help you get off on the right foot, or get things kicking again

Your go-to for support, advice and more!

We are proud of all the great Umbraco meetups organizers who work hard to put together wonderful meetups for the Umbraco Community. 

If you are thinking about starting a new Umbraco meetup or if you are planning your next meetup event, feel free to reach out! Umbraco HQ's Community Cultivator and Developer Relations Team member Lotte Pitcher is here to help you and guide you.

“You’re always welcome to get in touch with me and share your concerns, challenges and others. I’m here to help and guide you in whatever way I can. You’re also more than welcome to plan a meeting with me, to discuss the further process and how I can help and assist you as a meetup organizer."

The Meetup organizers' slack channel 

Even though we are always humbled to help and support, we do believe that the network of Umbraco meetup organizers is the best way to get the needed help and support and share best learnings and experiences. 

If you want to be a part of the slack channel, reach out to Lotte to become a part of the network 🙌

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Umbraco swag

We are always happy to treat our Meetup attendees with some nice Umbraco swag. 

Meetup organizers are invited to, once a year, gather a swag package at an Umbraco event, be it Codegarden or Umbraco U.S. Summit

A swag package consists of a mixed number of T-shirts, hoodies, stickers and other, depending on the stocking, so please bear in mind that special requests might not be fulfilled. 

Meetup organizers who are not able to attend one of these two events, will be able to receive the swag package by mail. However, we are trying to limit the number of sent swag due to environment circumstances. 

Reach out to Lotte for more info. 

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Using the Umbraco Zoom account

All meetup organizers can get access to the Umbraco Zoom account to host any hybrid and virtual meetups. Reach out to Lotte as soon as you know the date so we can reserve the account for you and sort out access. 

Requesting HQ speakers 

Would you like an HQ'er to speak at your meetup, worry not. We are always happy to share any news and updates with our meetup organizers and attendees. 

You can reach out to Lotte at least 6 weeks before the meetup event to request an Umbraco HQ speaker.

We offer: 

  • Online HQ talks
    • "Ask Me Anything" - are you ready to hear from Umbraco HQ? Ask away and get answers and information directly from an HQ'er.
  • In person HQ talks
    • In person requests will be considered under special circumstances, for instance when a meetup group is new, if it makes sense to raise awareness in a specific area or if we have an HQ'er located or visiting the specific area. 

When the request is received from the meetup organizer, we will coordinate according to availability. 

Diversity and Inclusion 

We strive to create a diverse environment in and around Umbraco as we believe that diverse groups are better able to generate ideas and solutions as they bring different perspectives to the table, and help us flourish as a company and as humans. 

Therefore, we challenge our meetup organizers to feature a diverse speaker lineup for all hosted meetups, from different backgrounds, genders, and geographic locations. We strongly encourage people from all backgrounds, abilities, and experiences to speak or join Umbraco meetups. 

  • 25% - 35% of the meetup speakers should be diverse (on a yearly basis).
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A one-time meetup

Are you interested in hosting a one-time virtual meetup? We can host the event in the Umbraco Virtual meetup group. Visit that group and follow the instructions to tell us about the event you want to host.

If you want to host a one-time in-person meetup please email Lotte so we can work out to make this happen.

Interested in starting your own Umbraco meetup?

Here's a few tips to get you started:

  1. Get in touch with Lotte and share your ideas about the new meetup group, why you think it's relevant, and your thoughts around who should be involved. 
  2. We will help you set up the group, cover the subscription fees, and promote the kickoff meetup.
  3. Take a look at the Umbraco Meetups Network, which your meetup group will be a part of.

Keep the engagement going 

We appreciate the time and energy that meetup organizers put into hosting meetups - we know it takes time and effort to set everything up.

We kindly ask our meetup organizers to host a minimum of 2 meetups per year, to keep the engagement in the local area, and to be seen as an active meetup group. Should there be any challenges towards this, we are always open to help out!