Codegarden Crowd (1)


The world's biggest Umbraco conference

Every year we invite all Umbracians to participate in our big three-day long Umbraco conference, Codegarden. It’s a bit like a massive happy family reunion combined with a big welcome party for all the newbies. It’s one to experience, and definitely one to remember!

Codegarden is also the only Umbraco conference hosted by Umbraco HQ, where you’ll hear the biggest upcoming news about Umbraco and the industry in general - directly from the people who are working on it!

To read more about the biggest Umbraco event, revisit the events of the latest Codegarden (2019) or check out the aftermovie right here:


If the latest event was 2019...what happened to Codegarden 2020?

...It's hard for us to talk about 😞

Read what happened to Codegarden 2020

Will there be a Codegarden 2021?

So far, we've announced that Codegarden 2021 will be a virtual event

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