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Plant a tree with your contributions

Your contributions plant a seed in the ground as well as the CMS!

Working together to change the world

For Hacktoberfest 2020, we took inspiration from Digital Ocean themselves to offer contributors a planted tree in their name, rather than receiving Umbraco merch. And many of you took that offer!

Now that we have found a good platform, and can see that it works -  we want to take it further. 

It's a new idea, and we're still learning and finding new ways to incorporate this into contributions.

So keep an eye out for more info and news on this - right here on this page!


Go to Umbraco's forest

Umbraco's forest

Why are we doing this?

Well, why not?

At Umbraco, we believe that we should all do whatever we can to offset the effects of carbon etc. and remain environmentally conscious. As we have community, customers and staff all over the world, we'd love to offset some of the CO2 caused by travelling.

Plus, planting a tree can be a whole new approach to recognising a contribution:  we think it's a fun and interesting way to give incentive to new and future contributors. While you plant a seed that will grow in the CMS, you can plant a seed that will grow into a new tree!

Thanks and #H5YR to Callum Whyte for recommending the organisation, and for using it himself!

How does it work?

For now, we'll plant a tree for:

  🌳 Unique contributors to each minor release of Umbraco

  🌳 ...and more to come!

Plus, we'll plant a tree every month for:

  🌳 Unique contributors to Hacktoberfest (who choose to plant a tree) 

If you're feeling generous, you can even plant a tree in the Umbraco forest by clicking 'Gift more impact'


Who is Ecologi?

Ecologi is an organisation that collaborates with worldwide partners to plant trees and fund carbon offsetting solutions. Each month, their tree planting partner The Eden Reforestation Projects plant millions of trees around the world, and they fund and support a range of highly certified carbon reduction projects.

If you're interested, you can read more about Ecologi and how they handle the money we donate.

Can you help us save the world, one tree at a time?

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