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Community Office Hours

Connect with Umbraco HQ and get to know more!

Umbraco Community Office Hours

Open Q&A-style sessions by Umbraco HQ for the community to ask questions and cover topics that go from product updates to introducing new hires and various initiatives.

Format: Live virtual session

Duration: 60 minutes


Links to each individual livestream will be posted here, under each topic. For more information and timely updates, follow us on Twitter.

The Package Awards

21 July 2021 at 4pm CEST

Participants: The Package Team

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Future-proofing the Umbraco backoffice

12 May 2021 at 4pm CET 

Participants: Fillip Bech Larsen, Niels Lyngsø, Mads Rasmussen and Julia Gruszczynska

Host/Moderator: Matt Brailsford

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Updates on Unicore Project with the Unicore Community Team

7 April 2021 at 4pm CET 

Participants: Unicore Community Team

Host/Moderator: Andy Butland

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Meet the Umbraco Developer Advocates

10 March 2021 at 4pm CET 

Participants: Arnold Visser, Emma Burstow, Warren Buckley

Host/Moderator: Henk Boelman

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Launch session

24 February 2021 at 4 pm CET

Participants: Kim Sneum Madsen, Filip Bruun Bech-Larsen, Ilham Boulghallat

Host/Moderator: Rachel Breeze

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