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Umbraco Community Office Hours

Community Office Hours are open, virtual and live Q&A-style sessions hosted by Umbraco HQ for the Community to ask questions. Topics covered range from product updates to introducing new hires and various initiatives in between.

Office Hours: The acquisition edition

Date: 24th May 2023 - 11am CET

Host/Moderator: Paul Seal

Participants: Nathan, Matt, Lucy and Kim

Today we are talking all things acquisition! Any burning questions you have around Matt, Lucy and Nathan joining HQ and their amazing products being brought in-house, join us and ask away. All will be on hand to answer. 

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Open Source Building Blocks

Office Hours: The #CGRumours edition

Date: 28th March 2023 - 4pm CET

Host/Moderator: Steve Temple 

Participants: Tenna, Nicoline, Steffie and Rune - AKA The Codegarden Team

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The Ask Me Anything Edition of Office Ours with Kim Madsen, Umbraco CEO

Date: 6th Dec 2022 

Host/Moderator: Lotte Pitcher

Participants: Kim Sneum Madsen, Emma Burstow, Martin Wulser.

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Diversity and Inclusions Friendly Faces

Date: 24th March 2022 

Host/Moderator: Emma Burstow

Participants: Sebastiaan Janssen, Joke Van Hamme, Erica Quessenbury

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What is it to be a Community Team Steward?

6th December 2021 

Host/Moderator: Emma Burstow

Participants: Sebastiaan Janssen (PR), Bjarke Berg (Unicore), Ronald Barendse (Packages), Büşra Şengül (Docs) and Mike Masey (Accessibility). 

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New Year's Reception follow-up and Q&A

12th January 2021

Host/Moderator: Warren Buckley

Participants: Kim Sneum Madsen (CEO) and Filip Bech-Larsen (CTO)

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An update by Kim and Filip on the acquisition by Monterro

2nd September 2021

Participants: Kim Sneum Madsen (Chief Friend Maker/CEO) and Fillip Bech Larsen (CMS Program Manager)

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The Package Awards

21 July 2021 

Participants: The Package Team

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Future-proofing the Umbraco backoffice

12 May 2021 

Participants: Fillip Bech Larsen, Niels Lyngsø, Mads Rasmussen and Julia Gruszczynska

Host/Moderator: Matt Brailsford

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Updates on Unicore Project with the Unicore Community Team

7 April 2021 

Participants: Unicore Community Team

Host/Moderator: Andy Butland

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