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The Unicore Team

We help future-proof Umbraco CMS by transitioning to .NET Core through community involvement and making it friendly, transparent and social to contribute.


As 'The Unicore Project' - that is, Umbraco 9 - has been launched, the Unicore Team has been disbanded. H5YR to the fantastic efforts of the Unicore Team! 

Read more about the release of Umbraco 9

Focus areas

  • Backend architecture
  • Transition to .Net Core
  • Community involvement
  • Representing the Umbraco developer experience.


  • Umbraco runs on .NET Core, faster than HQ could get there alone
  • Involve the next level of contributors in the project
  • Keep the upgrade as easy as we can by minimizing breaking changes
  • Listen to the voice of the community during the transition

Main activities

  • Stand-ups every other week to share knowledge
  • Guide community on  up-for-grabs tasks
  • Implement more complex tasks towards the goal
  • Support (Online / code camp) hackathons when we have a lot of open up-for-grabs tasks
  • Engage the community by communicating about the project (via twitter #projectunicore, at conferences)
  • Engage with the other community teams
  • Prepare tasks for community involvement 

Let's meet the team!

Current team members:

Previous team members:

Unicore Team1


The team uses a dedicated Slack channel to communicate and to comment and follow-up on tasks. We use a shared Google Docs folder to collaborate on research and documentation

In-person meetings are scheduled twice a year: at the team kickoff in January and at Codegarden in the Spring

There is also external communication by the team as:

  • Unicore section in Product update blog post 
  • Separate blog updates when big announcements, like beta, RC,...
  • Talks at Umbraco conferences


Team Structure

The team is ideally organized as a group of no more than 6 members:

  • 1 HQ employee - Steward
  • 3-5 community volunteers

With a team lead, Steward, in the centre, the team is organized around fulfilling different roles according to the skillset and preferences of each. The Steward’s role is focused on:

  • managing the team, 
  • providing the necessary support to the different members, 
  • and coordinating with the HQ dev team and the stewards of the other community teams.

Getting in touch with the Team

You can get in touch with the team over member's individual Twitter and Github accounts

Joining the Team

  • An online application will be open once a year, typically in January. 
  • Ad hoc appointments can be made in case a team member chooses to step down.

Terms of agreement

All Community Team members must abide by the Community Teams Agreement.

HQ support and role

  • Ensure transparency and visibility
  • Support where relevant
  • Provide financial support for travel and accommodations to participate in meetings and events