Umbraco Accessibility Team

The Accessibility Guild

We want to help your favorite CMS be accessible to everyone.

Update: May 6, 2024 - the Accessibility Guild is looking for new members, read all about it in the blog post here:



We are a community based and community team working on Umbraco in our spare time. The more people that help the better!

Focus areas:

Umbraco Back Office as supplied in the Umbraco NuGet package.


  • Ensure no-one is excluded from using the Umbraco Back Office.
  • To encourage contributors to submit accessible pull requests.

Success criteria:

  • To ensure the Umbraco Backoffice meets WAI Level AA accessibility criteria.

Main activities:

  • Auditing the Umbraco BackOffice as time permits
  • Fixing issues found in the back office
  • Raise the profile of accessibility within the Umbraco community

Long term activities:

  • Supporting hackathons to ensure that contributions at events such as those are valuable to the CMS and to reduce disappointment for contributors.

Check out the accessibility audit board.



  • The team commit to attending Umbraco hackathons, time and circumstances allowing including the UK Umbraco Festival and Candid Contributions Hackathons
  • Watch out for our team members giving talks at meetups and conferences
  • You can reach the team directly in the #accessibility channel on the Umbraco Discord Server

*Note, this is a community-only team and does not have a steward from Umbraco HQ

Let's meet the team!

  • Meetup coordinator: Mike Masey
  • Tester: Danny Lancaster
  • Core Team Members: Mike Masey, Tiffany Prosser, Matthew Wise, Jan Skovgaard, Rachel Breeze

Joining the Team:

  • Anyone can get involved, check out the Trello board.
  • The Umbraco code base is Open Source, a guide to contributing can be found here

Terms of agreement

All Community Team members must abide by the Community Teams Agreement.

How to get involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved with helping the Umbraco Accessibility Team, such as;

  • Adding Accessibility related issues to the GitHub issue tracker.
  • Creating PR's to help fix known (or unknown) accessibility issues.
  • Testing the latest version of Umbraco for issues (When we are able to, we carry out a full accessibility audit of the backoffice too).
  • Get involved with discussions around, potentially, features and fixes for accessibility issues.

You can find accessibility-related issues that need attention both in the Accessibility Team Trello Board, and the main Umbraco GitHub issues. The reason there is a separation is because when this project first began, there were too many issues to flood the GitHub issues with, so we need a place that would provide better focus.

As more of the issues are resolved, hopefully, the requirement for a separate Trello board will no longer be required.

Whilst we do have "core" team members, we don't have a limit to how many people can be involved. If you would like to be involved with the core team, please do get in touch. We tend to have discussions on slack and occasional video calls to catch up and discuses progress and next steps every month or so.


Currently, we are only able to review Umbraco back-office accessibility after it has been released to the public.