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The Backoffice Community Team

Combining our knowledge and expertise to make the next version of the backoffice a success

The backoffice project

The backoffice project has had a strong Community foundation from the beginning, and this strong Community team functions as a sounding board during Umbraco HQ's work of implementing the new backofficeas well as getting their hands dirty in actual implementation of relevant tasks. 

The Backoffice Community team brings their individual experience and skillsets - frontend, backend, UI/UX, packages, and QA - to help us get input in a wide spread of areas, and help increase further community involvement.

The backoffice project ends with an actual replacement for the current backoffice, which will be released in a major version of Umbraco yet to be determined. The community team will review it along the way, and they will help ensure that the new backoffice:

  •  continues to be flexible and extendable
  •  will be easy to work with and
  •  will encourage modern best practices

Meet the team

Kenn Jacobsen (2)

Kenn Jacobsen

Continuing in the Backoffice Team after helping define the extension API. Big on extendability and flexibility. 

Lee Kelleher

Lee Kelleher

Package (Contentment) creator and 12x MVP. Bringing the agency-owner perspective.

Blake Watt

Blake Watt

Uses Umbraco as both a developer and end-user, as well as training clients how to use it. Loves architecting the CMS.

Laura Weatherhead

Laura Weatherhead

Part of the original workshopping of the new backoffice back in 2019. Framework agnostic freelancer. 

Maud Langaskens

Maud Langaskens

From evening classes in C# to keeping the backoffice user-friendly and dummy-proof. Stepping up within the Community and keen to give back.

Matt Sutherland

Matt Sutherland

Keen to empower developers to do great things with the backoffice. Bringing his 15 years agency experience and as well as mobile development.

Jacob Headshot Umbraco 500X500

Team Steward - Jacob Overgaard

  • Managing the team communication
  • Providing the necessary support to the team members
  • Coordinating with the rest of the HQ dev team and stewards of the other community teams.

More about Jacob

H5YR to the previous Backoffice Community Team members!

Sian Simms

Matt Brailsford

Ryan Helmn

Søren Kottal

and Mads Rasmussen!


Get in touch with the team: