Package Team 2019 3

The Package Team

We help you expand the functionalities of Umbraco by making package development, distribution and usage simpler and fulfilling.

Focus areas:

  • Supporting people with their package creation
  • Helping people use packages
  • Helping people contribute to packages
  • Gathering feedback, promotion, celebrating contributions and content creation
  • Ensuring the package format evolves with the new changes to the CMS


We have a roadmap that will be continuously updated. It can be found on the Umbraco.Packages issue tracker.


  • To promote packages as a first-class citizen
  • To provide and maintain clear structure and development guidelines
  • To help and encourage new and returning package developers
  • To ensure a transparent and open collaboration and exchange with the HQ dev team and the other community teams
  • To improve the usability of the Our package section

Main activities:

  • Maintaining documentation on how to create a package, best practices and tackling common problems as a package developer
  • Organizing and holding bi-weekly follow-up online meetings - discuss the current state of the package repositories, potential improvements, and plans going forward. (The meeting notes are publicly available)
  • Writing and publishing follow-up and updates blog posts on
  • Developing and maintaining open source tools that benefits package developers
  • Participating in hackathons, panel discussions, meetups, and conferences/festivals to assist new package developers, talk about the structure of the team, achievements, and future goals

Let's meet the team!


  • The team uses a dedicated Slack channel to communicate, and the issue tracker to comment and follow-up on tasks. In-person meetings are scheduled twice a year:
    • May- Around Codegarden
    • November - Team visit to HQ

Getting in touch with the Team:

Joining the Team:

  • An online application will be open once a year, typically in autumn. 
  • Ad hoc appointments can be made in case a team member chooses to step down.

HQ support and role:

  • Appointed a steward to work as a half time job 
  • Ensure transparency and visibility
  • Support where relevant
  • Provide financial support for travel and accommodations to participate in meetings and events


  • The team is ideally organized as a group of currently 7 members:
    • 1 HQ employee - Steward
    • 6 community volunteers
    • With a team lead, Steward, in the center, the team is organized around fulfilling different roles according to the skillset and preferences of each.

The Steward’s role is focused on:

  • Facilitating for the team
  • Providing the necessary support to the different members
  • Coordinating with the HQ dev team and the stewards of the other community teams​

Second version. Published in November 2019. Revised in November 2020.