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The world's biggest Umbraco conference

Codegarden 2022 will be hybrid

Join us in Odense, Denmark, for the revival of the biggest Umbraco conference in the world. 

Packed full of tech talks, workshops and crazy social activities - Codegarden is the place to be for anyone who works with Umbraco!


I want to go to Codegarden!

What is Codegarden? What, where, when?

Every year we invite all Umbracians to participate in our big three-day long Umbraco conference, Codegarden. It's the biggest Umbraco conference in the world and every year it attracts hundreds of Umbraco developers, editors, tech and business-minded people who meet to participate in quality sessions about Umbraco and all things digital, but it's also a bit like a massive happy family reunion combined with a big welcome party for all the newbies. It’s one to experience, and definitely one to remember!

Codegarden is also the only Umbraco conference hosted by Umbraco HQ, where you’ll hear the biggest upcoming news about Umbraco and the industry in general - directly from the people who are working on it!

In previous years it’s been held in different places around the world. From 2016-2019 Codegarden has been held in Odense - not only the third biggest city in Denmark, but also home to Umbraco HQ. In 2021, Codegarden was held virtually due to the global lockdown, and Codegarden 2022 will be hybrid - partially online as well as in-person in Odense.

The best way to see what Codegarden is really all about? Hearing it from the attendees themselves...

What happens at Codegarden?

Codegarden lasts for 3 days during which guests from all over the world participate in tech and business sessions galore. The sessions vary from projects built on Umbraco CMS, things you can do with Umbraco or how Umbraco can help an agency grow its business.

Besides the sessions, Codegarden is also known for hosting the Umbraco Awards and the infamous Umbraco Bingo. This year, there will also be the Umbraco Package Awards.

At the Umbraco Awards ceremony, the very best of Umbraco projects developed over the past year are awarded. Meanwhile, Umbraco Bingo is a much less “formal” event during which Codegarden attendees can play a rather non-traditional bingo game and win quirky prizes.

As the saying goes -  “what happens at Bingo, stays at Bingo” -  so it's something that just has to be experienced.


What is it like as a first-time attendee?

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