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Guidelines and Support for Festival Organizers

Festivals can be huge events, but we're here to support and help!

Organizing an Umbraco Festival 

Umbraco Festivals are a great way of building and maintaining relationships within the Umbraco Community and between the Community and Umbraco HQ, and we want to guide and help as much as we can. Below you'll find the areas in which Umbraco HQ can provide support for Festival organizers, new and veteran, and the guidelines that go along with those.

An Umbraco Festival should be organized by 2 or more organizers from different organizations, as it then gives the Community a chance to work together on creating an experience for the wider Umbraco Community.


Diversity and Inclusion

We strive to create a diverse environment in and around Umbraco. We believe that diverse groups are better able to generate ideas and solutions as they bring different perspectives to the table, and help us flourish as a company and as humans. 

Furthermore, we believe in actively supporting people to thrive, develop and expand their talent, and that everyone should be invited to participate in their own right to get equal opportunities. 

At Umbraco, we will ensure that we are diverse and inclusive in all our activities including developer Community activities, marketing, communication and events. 

All of the above is - by extension - applicable to Umbraco Festivals. 



  • To have a diverse speaker lineup from different backgrounds, genders and geographic locations to join Umbraco Festivals. We strongly encourage Festival organizers to put an effort into having a diverse speaker lineup with people from all backgrounds, abilities and experiences.
    • A minimum of 25% and aiming for 35% of the speaker lineup should be diverse
  • Reinforce and reiterate the Code of Conduct during the event, to remind attendees of the behaviour we expect at all our events, including Umbraco Festivals. The Code of Conduct needs to be available at the Festival's official website. A standard Umbraco Code of Conduct can be used by all Festival organizers. 

Umbraco HQ doesn't support Festivals who don't live up to the Diversity and Inclusion goals. 

Support from HQ 

Umbraco Festival Organizers Network 

Umbraco HQ will, a couple of times a year, host online meetings with all Festival organizers in order to keep a close dialogue with the organizers, and it is also a way for the organizers to share any learnings and experiences with each other. 



Umbraco HQ are happy to help with content for the program. 

  • Speakers from HQ:
    • 1 track at the Festival: max 2 sessions delivered by Umbraco HQ 
    • 2 tracks at the Festival: max 3 sessions delivered by Umbraco HQ 
  • External speakers:
    • We are happy to share ideas or provide any information that will be relevant for the individual Festival. 


Promotion through HQ 

See the full promotion package right here


Financial Sponsoring 

Financial sponsoring is an opportunity for a Festival to make a difference - i.e. have an impact, and the amount is established on a case by case basis.

  • The recipient of a sponsorship should live up to Umbraco HQ values.
  • Umbraco HQ doesn't sponsor any events promoting competing products (add-ons, CMS etc.).
  • Sponsoring can only be agreed on before the festival takes place.
  • The sponsorship will be paid after the Festival has taken place, and only if the goals have been met by the Festival and the organizers. 
  • When a financial sponsorship is agreed upon, a contract will have to be signed by the Festival organizers and Umbraco HQ. 


HQ attendance 

Umbraco HQ'ers are always interested in joining the Umbraco Festivals as a way of staying closely connected with the Umbraco Community. If Festival organizers wish to have certain Umbraco HQ'ers join the Festival, HQ'ers who are not already doing a talk, requests can be made. 


Umbraco swag 

In order to get an Umbraco Swag Package for your Festival, please reach out to Lotte Pitcher at in order to get some umbazing swag to hand out to your attendees. In order for the swag to reach you in time, we advise you to send your request to us 4 weeks before the Festival ☺️. 
Payment? No cost! Share a picture on social media of your Festival and tag @Umbraco.

A Swag Package consits of: 

  • 5-7 T-shirts 
  • 2-3 hoodies
  • Umbraco stickers 
  • Other 

Please bear in mind that we have limited stocking, so special requests might not be fulfilled. 


Feedback Survey 

All Festival organizers should add the following question to their own survey, in order for Umbraco HQ to get the NPS score:

  • How likely are you to recommend the 'name of Festival' you just attended to a friend or colleague?
    • Rate on a scale from 0 (not likely) to 10 (very likely). 

Point of Contact 

For questions about any of this information, please reach out to Lotte Pitcher, Community Cultivator and member of the Developer Relations Team at Umbraco HQ, at