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Support for Festival organisers

Festivals can be huge events, but we're here to help!

Umbraco Festivals are a great way of building and maintaining relationships within the community and between the community and Umbraco HQ, and we want to help as much as we can.

Below you'll find the areas in which Umbraco HQ can provide support for Festival organisers, new and veteran, and the guidelines that go along with those.


Support from HQ

  • One or more speakers from HQ. 
  • Promotion through HQ online media e.g. newsletter, banner on Our, blog, twitter
  • Umbraco swag e.g. stickers, t-shirts etc.
  • Prizes eg. free seats on training, free Cloud sites, free nominative Codegarden ticket(s) (depending on the size of the festival), and other relevant.
  • A free Umbraco Cloud project for the festival site and payment of the domain.



Support from Umbraco HQ to the organizers of a given festival are in accordance with these guidelines:

  • The recipient of a sponsorship should live up to Umbraco HQ values.
  • Umbraco HQ does not sponsor any events promoting competing products (add-ons, CMS etc)
  • Sponsoring can only be agreed on before the festival takes place.

Brand and domain guidelines:

The Umbraco logo must be used as the shape and the brand name (“U” in a circle + Umbraco). Download Umbraco logo zip file here.

The Logo colour should be:

    • Blue (#3544b1)
    • White (#ffffff)
    • Black (#000000)

...and must not be altered.

The Codegarden name and logos are not to be used by anyone but Umbraco A/S for the annual Codegarden Conference.

The Umbraco festivals are the only exception to the rule that no one can use Umbraco in the domain name. We appreciate that established festivals already have an established domain. For the new festivals, we provide domain and hosting for domains named: “umbracofestival.TLD”. (e.g. Umbraco HQ owns “umbracofestival” domains on the following top-level domains:

    • .at
    • .be
    • .dk
    • .es
    • .fr
    • .nl
    • .se
    • .uk

If you already have an established festival domain on a different URL, we are happy to redirect traffic to it from the relevant domain mentioned above.

Financial sponsoring 

Financial sponsoring is primarily given to help NEW festivals establish their brand and is given for a maximum of three(3) years. The financial sponsoring should make a difference - i.e. have an impact, and the amount is established on a case by case basis.

Established festivals will only receive financial support for particular interesting Keynotes and normally the fee is shared with the organizers.

It can be agreed that HQ places its training in connection to a festival - bundling of festival tickets and training tickets can be agreed upon between the organizers and HQ.


For questions about any of this information, please reach out to Steffie Limère Fugl at