The Umbraco Festival Promotion Package

Here's how we can help you promote your Umbraco Festival

The Umbraco Festival Promotion Package

So, you have taken on the task of arranging an Umbraco Festival and celebrating the Umbraco Community spirit? H5YR!

Now, we want to help you as much as we can in your efforts to make your Festival one of the best Umbraco Festivals, which is why we are offering you the Umbraco Festival Promotion Package!

Here you'll find an overview of all the different types of promotion we offer, as well as the requirements and deadlines for each type of promotion.

Help us help you by following these guidelines, and if you should have any questions please reach out to Lotte Pitcher at


Email promotion

We are able to offer you 1 promotional email sent directly to a local segment. You get to decide on the segment by picking a country and letting us know. Because this email is segmented, you may write it in the native language (Danish, English, German etc.). Keep in mind that we will still be the sender of the mail, so please do consider our friendly tone of voice in this email as well. 

The purpose of the email is to help the Festival promote ticket sales, speakers, program, or whatever you see fit. 

Remember that this is an email - make it straight to the point, choose your call to actions (links) carefully, i.e. link to your festival website or ticket shop. We recommend you have no more than two different links in this email. ·

What we need from you:

  • A subject line (the one that shows up in the inbox - think friendly clickbait 😉)
  • A headline
  • A body text with links included and one or more call to action buttons and links
  • 1 horizontal picture (include your logo in it if you can) for the email header in the size 780 x 405 pixels
  • Other promotional photos that go with your story in either the size of the header or 220 x 220 pixels


6 weeks before the Festival. Then we’ll be able to send the email out within the following 1-2 weeks. You are welcome to send the email copy earlier than the 6 weeks before if you have a special early bird price etc. If that’s the case, send us the copy at least 2 weeks before you want the email sent out. 


Banner on Our.umbraco 

Our is the Umbraco Community site, where thousands of Umbraco users and developers from all around the world “meet” to discuss Umbraco related content. This is the perfect place to share the word about your Festival, as potential attendees are already on Our. If you provide us with a banner, we will make sure to share it on Our. 

What we need from you:

  • A banner image with logo, images, graphics etc. in the format 1000x200, including some sort of Call-To-Action text/button
  • A link to your Festival site/ticket sales site

If you don’t have the resources to create a banner yourself, we are able to help you out with a generic template. For this banner, we will need a small image as well as the date and place of the festival.

Deadline: 6 weeks before the festival. We will promote your Festival on Our for a minimum of 2 weeks. 


Social Media Coverage - Twitter 

In general for SoMe promotion, please attach your SoMe handles and personal hashtags, when you make use of these offers. Then we’ll be able to tag you and help you spread the word about your Festival. 

Before the Festival

We are happy to reshare tweets and make additional comments from the Umbraco Twitter account.

We are also happy to create some dedicated posts, if you share visuals and content with us - the more content you provide, the better! 

During the Festival

If Umbraco HQ'ers are present at the Festival we can do dedicated coverage of the event. If that's not the case, we are happy to do retweets or single posts. Please share some content with us during the day of the Festival. 

After the Festival 

After the Festival we are still happy to keep resharing tweets, if the buzz is still going. 

Tip: remember to hashtag #Umbraco and make your own festival-related hashtag. 


Shout out in uNews 

In the month before your Festival we are able to give you a special shout-out in our monthly newsletter; uNews. This will be under advisement from Umbraco HQ, and we have to take it case by case, according to the timing. 

Let's talk and coordinate what's possible 😊. 


A friendly disclaimer

Lots of helpful promo on our various platforms, right? And straight to Umbraco loving and using people! 

But we have to say this; by the end of the day, it’s our...behind, that’s on the line. That’s why we hold the right to edit your text if that should be necessary or ask you to rewrite if we feel like it doesn’t fit our friendly tone of voice or looks like an advertisement for something completely different... 

Also, if you keep the suggested deadlines above, we are more likely to be able to keep ours. But sometimes things happen. Sometimes we might need to push things a week or two in order for it to fit into our content plan. Some things take priority to us: security blog posts, security emails, big releases etc. So all the above publishing dates are guidelines - which we often keep, so don’t worry, but you know, it has to be said 😉 

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you spread the word about your upcoming Umbraco Festival! 


All further content and questions should be sent to