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Hacktoberfest 2021

Contribute your way to Cloud 9, and get some Swag in the process!

Hacktoberfest 2021 is here!

This year, we are focusing on contributions to the brand new Umbraco 9. Are you ready to 'get your git on'?

How to contribute to:

Stay connected and informed about hackathons on the #hacktoberfest channel on Discord!

Hold on, what is Hacktoberfest again?

Hacktoberfest Swag

How to contribute to Hacktoberfest 2021

Help improve the CMS

Cypress acceptance test - we've recently added a new acceptance test project using Cypress to CMS that we’d love some help with. There is no detailed documentation for writing these tests yet but make sure to explore previous pull requests in this category. You can of course also inspect the existing code in the test project.

CMS Issue tracker - check out the up-for-grabs issues for v9 to choose between. With the release being quite fresh, there is likely more to be added every day.

V8 Backoffice UI/UX/accessibility: the single v8-exception for this Hacktoberfest, help with any pull-requests that still need to be done (merging backoffice changes up from v8 to v9 is easy for us to do and we’ll keep doing that very regularly). Make sure to scan the list of 200+ up-for-grabs issues that are not for v9 to see if there’s any backoffice updates to pick from.

Bugs🐛 - now is your chance to get that particular thing that's been bugging you, updated!

Umbraco Code Too


For many - the easiest place to start! As soon as you’ve figured out how something works and it's not in the docs yet, you can help out. 

Supplement the Documentation Curators Team's hard work on the Umbraco 9 documentation.

There’s also a request for help verifying existing v7/v8 documentation for v9 and work being done on a cheat sheet.

Read more about both of these on Busra Şengül's blog post.



Some important info: only contributions made to open source Umbraco packages added to the Hacktoberfest Package repo list count towards getting swag/planting a tree.

Here's how you get started to contribute to a package:

  1. Choose which participating package you'd like to contribute to (see the list above)
  2. Follow the contribution guidelines provided by the package creator
  3. Look for the “help wanted” label on the issue tracker associated with the package you want to help out with
  4. Get hacking!

Everything you need to know (including making a contribution and guidelines on adding your own package repo to the list) is on the Umbraco Packages Hacktoberfest homepage

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