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From content to Karma, and all the great stuff in between

Blog posts

Thoughts and analyses about Umbraco by community members and Umbraco HQ. 

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A monthly blog post dedicated to highlighting the experiences of community members from different parts of the world.

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All the latest news from the Umbraco world live every Friday at 11:30 UK / 12:30 CET, hosted by Marcin Zajkowski and Callum Whyte.

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Candid Contributions

A fortnightly podcast for open-source contributors by Lotte Pitcher, Carole Logan, Laura Weatherhead, and Emma Burstow

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Umbraco YouTube tutorials

A YouTube series of Umbraco tutorials created by Paul Seal.

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Skrift Magazine

The monthly Umbraco community magazine - launched and run by Janae CramKyle Weems, and Erica Quessenberry.

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Community Corner

A series of articles, by Owain Williams, which introduces a new member of the Umbraco community. From new members joining to established MVPs.

24 Days In Umbraco 

An Umbraco advent calendar. Jan Skovgaard, Dave Woestenborghs, and Chriztian Steinmeier offer the community the chance to enjoyably count the days leading up to Christmas, by providing a selection of articles by and for the community. 

Umbraco Virtual

An initiative by Mike Masey - A meetup group independent of location to connect and discuss all things Umbraco.  


A virtual meetup, organized by Mike Taylor, for anyone involved in Umbraco projects; strategy, UX/UI design, marketing, content, PM & FE/BE devs.


Anthony Dang runs UmbrCoach - an initiative to gather volunteer mentors from around the world, to help aspiring developers for free.

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