How to add your own blog posts to the blog feed

Share your thoughts with fellow Umbracians!

Contribute to the community blog post feed

If you blog about Umbraco, we'd love to feature your work on Our Umbraco! Just follow the steps below, but remember you can always get in touch if you're stuck.


Here's how you do it: 

Just like Umbraco itself - Our Umbraco is open source, so you can contribute to it on GitHub.

Add a new item to the json file with the following specifications:

  • id - a new GUID, you can generate one online

  • checkTitles - if you don't blog about Umbraco exclusively and your RSS feed can not filter by category, then set this to "true", we then check the titles of your blog posts for the word Umbraco before including them in the overview

  • url - the URL of the blog overview on your site

  • rss - the RSS feed of your blog

  • logo - a publicly accessible logo for your site

  • memberId - the identifier for your profile on Our Umbraco (click on your avatar, top right and choose "View my public profile", the Id will be the last slug in your address bar

  • Once you're done editing, submit the edit as a pull request and we'll get on it as soon as possible! 🎉