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What is Karma?

And how do you earn it?

What is karma?

Karma in the Umbraco world is our way to show that you're an active participant in the community. Every interaction with other Umbracians is valuable and we like to reward you with a little bit of extra karma every time you're being awesome.

Karma is virtual, but maybe it will come back at you in real life at some point? We know of great stories where people have had their karma returned to them in recommendations, job offers, MVP awards, high fives, big hugs and beers. No flights to the moon yet, but one can dream.

How do you earn karma?

Currently every interaction you make on Our Umbraco is viewed as a valuable contribution so you get karma for:

  • Asking questions on the forum
  • Answering questions on the forum
  • Giving the answer that is marked as "correct" earns you a little more
  • People up-voting your questions and answers¬† on the forum
  • Creating a package and having people up-vote your package

In the near future you will also get karma for:

  • Writing an Umbraco related blog post
  • Creating an Umbraco related YouTube video
  • Creating a pull request for Umbraco, Our Umbraco or the documentation
  • Having a pull request accepted will give you a little more karma