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The Umbraco Community Teams

Working hand-in-hand with HQ

The Documentation Curators

The Documentation Curators are here to do just that - curate the Umbraco documentation. A process that revolves around enabling and helping contributors to the documentation.

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The Core Collaborators

The Core Collaborators encourage and manage the community's pull-requests to the CMS. The team is passionate about assisting and supporting contributors.

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The Package Team

The Package Team is an initiative that aims to empower Umbraco package developers and to encourage more community members to create and use packages.

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The Unicore Team

The Unicore Team is specifically dedicated to the project of migrating Umbraco to .NETCore, bringing the talents of the community together to work closely with HQ to modernise the friendly CMS.

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The Accessibility Team

A 100% community-driven initiative, the Accessibility Team works towards making Umbraco accessible for everyone. Be it through raising awareness, identifying issues, or encouraging accessible PRs.

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You can always get in touch with the teams if you are curious about the work they do or you want to actively contribute and help them in their missions.

Each team has a Getting in touch section on its page. Go explore! 👈